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Signs of aging will dissipate with this luxurious facial treatment. Our stunning anti-aging facial supports repair and regeneration of tissues, as it restores and transforms your skin. After a thorough cleanse and double exfoliation, your skin is brought into balance with a gentle quartz crystal facial treatment. Nutrient-rich finishing products leave your skin rejuvenated and fine lines are visibly reduced. You will be left looking relaxed, refreshed and years younger! A great way to look your best before an important event.

80 minutes

Gemstone Hydration

Replenish, soothe, and restore dehydrated skin with this unique gemstone facial treatment. A series of three balancing facial masks are applied to purify, exfoliate and deeply hydrate the skin. Warm polished crystals are used with gemstone infused oils to relax facial muscles and create an overall feeling of serenity. Your facial is complete with an application of skin-regenerating products that will leave you with an undeniable look of rejuvenation and a stunning glow of radiance.

80 minutes

Deep Cleansing

Environmental impurities and high stress levels can lead to dull, sluggish skin. This facial uses a blend of purifying algae and plant extracts to encapsulate and neutralize pollutants that have accumulated on the skin. An oxygenating mask boosts cell functions and detoxifies, leaving formerly exhausted skin bright, pure and energized.

50 – 80 minutes
$175 – $245


This acclimating facial is the perfect remedy after a day outdoors. Skin is gently calmed and soothed with organic plant-based products and energizing rose quartz crystals. While the hands and feet are treated to a warm gemstone massage, a wild crafted mask made of coconut, cucumber, aloe and algae leaves the skin calm, hydrated, and balanced.

50 – 80 minutes
$180 – $260

Gentleman’s Facial

This treatment incorporates active nutrients to address the specific needs of a man’s skin. After a deep cleansing process refines the skin’s texture, a serum and creamy mask are selected to address excess oil, surface dryness, sensitivities like razor burn, or to fight the signs of aging. The result of this relaxing, customized facial is a healthy, balanced and pure complexion.

50 – 80 minutes
$165 – $235

Customized Facial

Relax and receive customized treatment steps designed specifically for your skin’s needs.

50 – 80 minutes
$155 – $225


Hydrating Lip Treatment

A marine exfoliant gently polishes dead skin cells from the lips. A creamy, nourishing mask is then applied on and around the lip area, leaving them soft, hydrated and plumped.

15 minutes

Brightening Eye Treatment

A triple-zone eye massage relaxes you while draining puffiness and smoothing wrinkles. A cooling eye mask is then applied to the eye area to lift, smooth and firm the skin. Reveal brightened eyes that appear rested, hydrated and years younger!

15 minutes

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